Dangers of Dud Cars on the Road

Worrying figures which show that some 300,000 cars which have been damaged in accidents could be on the road by 2016 have been released.

According to Accident Exchange, around 30% of new vehicles are sold or part exchanged back to their original dealers and up to 25% of these vehicles could have been involved in an accident. As those cars filter into the used car dealerships, the company believe that by 2016 the number of unsafe cars sitting in used dealers forecourts could be in the region of 300,000.

The issue is that although many of the cars may have been repaired if they have been involved in accidents, the standard of repair may under par. In many cases, substandard repairs and equipment can cause major mechanical issues which may not present until much later on.

This could mean that people searching for used cars Aberdeenshire could be putting themselves in danger without even realising. This not only causes huge problems for the motorist but also calls the reputation of otherwise honest dealers into account.

Discussing the report, Liz Fisher, the Director of Sales Development at Accident Exchange said “No dealer wants a car on the forecourt which is, effectively, a dud. If customers, especially in these straightened times, cut corners and don’t have their cars adequately repaired, it could cost a dealer later. The franchised network, together with its approved repairers, must do more to retain and educate customers to call the dealer in the event of an accident.”

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